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Filk Cassettes For Sale

Prices reduced on the remaining tapes

Note: As I will be traveling, there may be delays in answering email or shipping tapes. I hope you will understand.

This is my personal collection of Filk, Folk, and Folk-Rock pre-recorded cassette tapes. Most are long out of print, and will never be re-released. Unless otherwise noted, condition is used. All have original J-card, some Firebird tape have the black-and-white rather than color J-card. Some old tapes have paper labels that are falling off of the tape, this is typical and they may be reglued. Some boxes have minor scratches, broken boxes have been replaced.

If you have questions about specific tapes, send them to filk@blars.us.

Prices are in US Dollars and do not include shipping. Offers will be considered. One tape sent first class will cost $1.95 to ship. Six Cassettes will fit in a small flat-rate box for $5.20, 64 in a medium flat rate box for $10.95. Media rate is cheapest, figure 3 oz per tape plus some extra for the box. "pending" in the price column means that it has been requested, but payment has not yet been confirmed. You may request it and if the other payment does not go through get it.

Payment via paypal will be accepted. Send your orders and offers to filk@blars.us. Confirmation, exact shipping, and how to pay will be returned via email.

Artist Title Notes Price Picture
Heather Alexander ...Live 3
Avalon Rising The Starlit Jewel 5
Peter Beagle ...Live 5
The Black Book Band First Contact 3
Barry & Sally Childs-Helton Escape from Mundania 5
Juanita Coulson ...Live 3
Crwyoryn The Wizard & The Elven King 5
Meg Davis Swing the Cat 5
Meg Davis ...Live 3
Meg Davis Dream of Light Horses sold
Meg Davis The Claddagh Walk 3
Meg Davis Captin Jack and the Mermaid 2
Julia Ecklar Walkabout 3
Julia Ecklar Divine Intervention Wail Songs 5
Joe Ellis The Synthetic Filker 5
Joe Ellis The Dream is Alive! 3
Cecilia Eng Of Shoes and Ships 3
Cecilia Eng ...Live 5
Leslie Fish Our Fathers of Old 2
Leslie Fish ...Live 5
Frank Hayes ...Live 3
Frank Hayes Don't Ask 15
Dr. Jane Science Notes 15
Jordin Kare Fire in the Sky 15
Mercedes Lackey Oathbreakers 2
Mercedes Lackey Freedom, Flight, & Fantasy 3
Mercedes Lackey ...Live 3
Mercedes Lackey Heralds, Harpers, & Havoc 2
Mercedes Lackey Magic, Moondust & Melancholy 2
Graham Leathers Licence to Busk 3
Michael Longcor Lovers, Heros & Rogues 2
Michael Longcor Drunken Angel 2
Kathy Mar Bamboo Wind 15
Bill Maraschiello Magnetic Elixir 5
Cynthia McQuillin Moon Shadows 5
Cynthia McQuillin Dreams of Fortune 5
Musical Chairs Sing Language 3
Tom Smith Domino Death 3
Tom Smith Who Let Him in Here? 3
Bill and Brenda Sutton Owling at the Moon 5
Technical Difficulties Please Stand By 5
Windbourne Echoes on the Wind 5
Windbourne To Touch a Dream 5

Studio Anthologies
Off Centar Press Songs of the Dorsai 15
Cat o' Nine Tales 7
The Funniest Computer Songs unopened 10

Convention Anthologies
Bayfilk 3 Stage Struck 7
Conchord 2 Mister Author 3
Counterpoint 2 Grandma Went Out with a Bang 3
Counterpoint 2 How Many of them Can We Make Die? 3
North Coast Caberet 3

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Phoenyx "Keepers of the Flame" CD

This is Heather Alexander's first Folk-Rock band. Both the CD and cassette sold out of their original print run long ago, and it was not reprinted due to disputes rather than lack of demand. It includes what some consider the best recording of "March of Cambredth", "Black Unicorn", and "Creature of the Wood". $400 postpaid.