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Osborne Overlook -- Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area

Just off California Highway 78 in Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area is Osborne Overlook, with views in every direction of the blowing sand dunes. When I was there on a Saturday, sand was blowing on the highway and the overlook parking lot. Part of the parking lot is designated two-hour maximum, and another section allows overnighting. The latter section was packed with RVs, most towing trailers for their OHVs. To stay in the Imperial Dunes, you need a pass available in many of the local stores or from the ranger stations. (I think the America the Beautiful Pass would be accepted.) This did not look like an attractive place to camp and be sandblasted, I did not stay. There are many other places to camp in the recreation area.

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LiFePO4 house battery resources

Here are some resources to research about LiFePO4 batteries for use as RV house batteries. I did not include a section about prebuilt systems, since they all seem to be very expensive, not proven, or both.

Places to buy cells: (I have not done business with most of these companies. Check shipping prices and times before ordering.)

RV installers: These places sell and install complete systems on RVs. They may offer parts or non-installed systems.



Technical Articles:

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