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Rogue Hack Lab

Rogue Hack Lab is a new hackerspace in Medford Oregon still in the process of being set up. They have rented some upstairs (literally -- no elevator) office space in downtown Medford, and have an internet connection, but are still getting furniture and tools, and plan on getting the electrical wiring upgraded. The building is about 100 years old, and has antique push-button light switches and other architectural features.

The space is open Wednesday evenings, and other times when a keyholder is present. There is talk about a grand opening party, but it has been postponed from its initial October 6 date. There are four rooms, none particularly large, three with doors to the hallway and two with windows overlooking Main Street. There are other empty offices on the same hallway that could be rented as the hackerspace grows.

Posted Friday 12 October 2012 06:13 UTC
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Mirror Shelf

One of the projects I completed while I'm visiting family here in Medford Oregon is cutting a hole in the back of my kitchen sink cupboard and installing the mirror shelf I removed from the bedroom there. After cutting the hole, it was surrounded by oak 1x2s, corner braces were installed, and then the mirror was mounted. A new fastener was made with a short piece of 1x2, a screw, and several fender washers. (This works much better than the original one that did not hold the mirror up when the motorhome was moving.)

Posted Wednesday 17 October 2012 04:47 UTC
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Desk -- Bedroom Remodel part 2

In the previous part, I replaced the "RV King" bed with a twin size one, giving me much more usable room in the bedroom. It has taken much longer than I expected, but I have now built in a desk on one side.

A chunk of 5.3mm Oak plywood was cut to 36x44, 1x3 boards are screwed around the bottom edges, and it is notched to fit around the window valence and crank to open the window. Flat corner brackets are installed to strengthen the top.

Legs are cut and installed. The two front ones are 1x6 oak, 29 inches long, with a 12 inch spacer board on the under-mattress compartment to allow for the lip of the mattress-supporting board. Others are 1x3. The ones on the driver-side wall are shorter, since the floor bumps up for the gas-fill and some wiring. The bathroom-side wall has an extra leg, since the cutout for the valence does not let the edge boards meet.

The top is installed and screwed to the legs with corner braces. A second piece of oak plywood is cut and notched, 1/4x2 oak trim is put around the two outside edges and used to hold the top piece of plywood in place.

Posted Wednesday 24 October 2012 04:12 UTC
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